Leave the Labor to Us

Leave the Labor to Us

Ask about our packing services in El Paso, TX

The biggest and often most stressful part of any move is organizing and packing everything up. You have to decide what to put in boxes, what to wrap and where it all should go.

What if we said that we could do it for you? Well, we can! Ruby's Movers offers complete packing and unpacking services in and around El Paso, TX. You can trust our team to wrap, pad, box and load all your belongings, so they stay safe during transport. Then, we'll unload it all for you at your new home.

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What can we pack?

There are very few limits to the things we can wrap and pack for you. Along with large items like sofas, mattresses and desks, our packing services cover:

  • Dishes and fine china
  • Musical instruments
  • TVs and electronics

We’ll make sure everything is padded and packed tightly so nothing shifts or breaks during transport. Once we’re at your new home, we’ll unload all your boxes and set up furniture for you.

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